15 Best Places to Visit in Massachusetts

Are you thinking of visiting Massachusetts? Here are the top 15 places you should visit.



If you are looking for a place to kick back and relax or do some scuba diving, then you should check out this beautiful town.


This town has a big beach with soft sand (good for some RNR)


The Berkshires


The beauty of this is place is that it is surrounded by the gifts of nature. If you love nature you should try to visit this place. Great for Yoga, don’t you think so?


Cape Cod


This area consisting of awesome sand beaches and if you want to see the most beautiful sunsets, try this place.




This place has some wonderful artifacts explaining some of the historical events. (Come and learn some interesting events that took part in the past)




Here is an amazing fact that will blow out your mind; this is where the first Thanksgiving feast was held. It has so many interesting historical facts. Visit, enjoy and learn.




Do you love fishing and history? Consider visiting this place. It has museums and a lake that you can take advantage to do some fishing and boating. Cool right?




This town is an ideal place for activities like camping thanks to Shawme-Crowell State Forest. It also has beaches and museums and restaurants that serve lasagna recipe with cottage cheese




This is a historical town that consists of many fun activities. It has museums, lighthouses, and beaches. It also has a national wildlife refuge. In this place, you can watch various types of bird birds and fish.




If you’ve ever wanted to know where Harvard University is, visit Cambridge fir there is a surprise waiting for you.


This place is purely historic. It hosts some of the historic places of worship like the Church of St. Mary the Great and it also has several museums.


North End


Do you salivate when you imagine of the Italian cuisine? Here you will find the best Italian cuisine you’ve ever had.


This place consists of historical houses which are still there in great shape. This the best place to learn the tradition of the Italian.


Tip: if you are a fan of chocolates, go to Captain’s Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop. It has the best chocolate (18th-century chocolate).


Race Point Beach


You are able to sunbathe, swim and surf in this place. It has a nice sunshine all day and a large water body.


Tip: Carry a bug spray when coming here.


Halibut State Park


This is a nice place for a picnic and has a nice view of the ocean. It has a history behind it and a museum.


Bridge of flowers


As the name suggests, this place consists of various types of flowers. If you love flowers, visit this place from April to October and witness the blooming of the flowers.


Charles River


This river offers awesome views of the skyline and has various spots to relax. You can also have a picnic or have a bite on the various dining spots.


It also offers opportunities like kayaking, canoeing, Stand-up paddle boarding.


Good Harbor Beach


This is a place for two main things, having fun and relaxing.